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Japan TravelJapanVisitor supplies travel information for Japan guests and residents including in-depth guides to Japan’s key cities in Hokkaido , Shikoku , Kyushu & Okinawa , and the main island of Honshu: Tokyo , Yokohama , Kyoto , Osaka , and more. Despite the fact that I normally obtain mine on the internet about 1-2weeks prior to I fly to Japan so that they will provide it to the hotel exactly where I will be staying for my 1st night in Japan, but yes, you can acquire some brands of prepaid information-sim only cards from Yodobashi stores or BIC camera stores and I believe airports as well (despite the fact that I am not one hundred% certain about all airports although).

Japan has two dominant religious traditions: Shinto (神道) is the ancient animist religion of traditional Japan, and Buddhism officially arrived in 552 CE. For a lot of its history, the two faiths had been not clearly differentiated, but there was a schism when Buddhism lost favor with the fall of the Shogun and the subsequent modernization of the nation in the late 19th century.

Most anime fans will even try to find Japanese-language anime DVDs, but there are issues to doing so: there are usually no subtitles on domestic releases (with the exception of Studio Ghibli releases, which all supply English subtitles), and Japan is in DVD Region two and makes use of NTSC video formatting, so if you live outside of Area two and/or use PAL or SECAM, you might not be capable to play the DVDs.

Concentrate on what you will genuinely like to see and discover in Japan 1st just before going straight for the Rail Pass, if you are arranging to just pay a visit to Kansai region which comprises of Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe and the charming towns in amongst like Arashiyama, Uji, Ibaraki (for Tadao Ando’sChurch of Light !) then a Japan Rail Pass is an overkill.

Nicely you see, Japan is a huge nation and their transportation system is really run by a couple of firms (86 to be exact) and JR is just a single of it – the biggest 1 that is. Hence your JR Pass would enable you to cover most of the regions that I am recommending in my guide, but you will need to have a supplementary card for the other companies’ trains – Pasmo / Suica card (think ez-hyperlink card).